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We were fortunate that Arden accepted our offer to teach at our writing and yoga retreats in Massachusetts and in Guatemala. She was the perfect fit for our group. Arden has a vast amount of experience and knowledge and yet she can make people who are pure beginners feel safe and accomplished in yoga. She taught large classes and worked one-on-one with people who needed adaptations. She enhanced the retreat for all of us.
Charles MacInerney ~Yoga & Writing Retreats
Patricia Lee Lewis ~Patchwork Farm Retreats

In 1999, Arden Pierce and I started a wonderful working relationship.  I hired her as an independent contractor to teach prenatal yoga classes as part of the Parent Education Program at Cooley Dickinson Hospital. In a few years she was also teaching postnatal yoga classes and eventually I hired her as an employee.

Arden created her classes to meet the physical and emotional needs of women in the childbearing year and adapted them along with new research in yoga practices, pregnancy, birth and postpartum; e.g. integrating yoga therapeutics into her classes.

Arden’s yoga classes have met and continue to meet our departments credo of inclusivity regardless of age, income or education; to provide classes that integrate mind, body and spirit, that contain evidence-based curriculum and that contribute to informed, healthy parenting.  In addition to her excellent curriculum, the evaluation by class participants give tribute to the way that her teaching has assisted them in the birth process and in postpartum healing.

Arden is one of the most honest, respectful, loyal, and trustworthy people I have ever met. I whole-heartedly recommend Arden Pierce as a yoga instructor, independent contractor, or employee.

Maria T. Curtin-McKenna, ICCE, CIMI
Parent Education Coordinator, Cooley Dickinson Hospital

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