yoga therapy – personal instruction testimonials

I had lower back pain for three months and couldn’t find relief. During the yoga therapy session with Arden, she helped me understand my back pain and provided me with a short personalized routine to help maintain strength. I became pain free with practicing her routine! ~Polly Mathewson, Physician’s Assistant

I’ve been doing yoga for about 15 years, but wanted to learn more about my body and where I have challenges.   The session helped me realize where I need to strengthen so that I can build up to the postures that challenge my body.  Also, my body has shifted a lot from the demands of my job as a massage therapist.  My session with Arden has helped me be more gentle on my self in yoga class, given me skills to practice on my own, and improved my awareness in my massage practice.  I love working with Arden because she teaches me simple skills to bring in to my daily life.
~ Charity Ritscher, co-director of Indigo Massage & Healing Center

I am so grateful to Arden for the work she did with me in one-on-one Structural Yoga Therapy sessions. By listening with extraordinary kindness and responding with insight, empathy, and a deep and thorough knowledge of how the body moves and works, she assisted me in reawakening my own compassion for my body and spirit despite the pain I was experiencing. Arden’s intuitive and informed sense of what a person needs — physically, emotionally and spiritually – and her lack of judgment about my physical limitations, evoked in me the tenderness I needed to work through my “stuck” place around self-care.  ~Alisa Klein

I was a knee replacement candidate; fortunately, the personal program Arden created for me helped so much! The pain is gone and this is the best my knees have been in years. Climbing stairs is no longer a debilitating chore. Carrying equipment no longer a problem. Retiring early is no longer a daily topic.   ~John Deiling

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