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Arden’s teaching encompasses the true purpose of yoga. She offers detailed knowledge of the physical body, while the breadth of her wisdom and experience shines through to affect one’s mind and spirit as well. I feel Arden’s inspired instruction awakens a subtle comprehension of unity, energetic healing, and freedom that I carry with me to this day. I encourage everyone, whether new or experienced, to study with her.  ~Lisa Enzer

Arden’s class is the first time that I have been able to feel comfortable with yoga–the class is making a big personal difference for me and has inspired me to pursue further yoga and exercise activities.  Arden is an excellent leader–she is very knowledgeable about the physiology of what she teaches and balances stretching and strengthening with stress relieving/relaxation during each class. ~Sandra Doucett

I don’t know which exercise did the trick but my back pain is gone.  I’m going to replicate what we did today.  Really, I could barely walk up the stairs to the studio today and I had no pain for the rest of the day.  Thank you so much  ~Carol Bevan-Bogart

This past weekend was a labor intensive one for me. A lot of heavy work. But, I found that I developed an ability to control the pain through breath; focusing the prana (subtle energy) on the area. It works. At first I was truly amazed. Then I realized you’ve only been teaching us, weekly, for a year now! What a blessing! ~John Deliling

In the serenity, focus and humor of your classes, there is a great well of resources and wisdom to draw upon.  Thank you for the continued inspiration and guidance, Arden!    ~Lisa Abend

Arden’s “Yoga for Upliftment” is one of the most transformative classes I have ever experienced. ~Rebecca Muller

Having chronic pain due to injuries, I was so grateful to have the opportunity to attend the workshops offered by Arden. She created a peaceful, safe atmosphere that made it comfortable for everyone. I truly appreciated the explanation of anatomy combined with individual assessment as our foundation for safe learning and gentle practice.  They proved to be time well spent learning new poses and techniques to better take care of ourselves-especially in areas with chronic pain. I felt that Arden guided me through an internal journey that rejuvenated my spirit and energized my body.  ~Kathy Coughlin

I think Arden offers something that is positive, appropriate, wellness-oriented in a SAFE way, and may well save me medical costs.  ~Anon

Arden’s guidance helps me find and follow my own path. ~Deb McNiece

I think Arden’s integrated style of yoga is an enduring type of yoga as opposed to other forms that will serve only an elite few. ~Jacqueline Sheehan

yoga therapy – personal instruction testimonials

I had lower back pain for three months and couldn’t find relief. During the yoga therapy session with Arden, she helped me understand my back pain and provided me with a short personalized routine to help maintain strength. I became pain free with practicing her routine! ~Polly Mathewson, Physician’s Assistant

I’ve been doing yoga for about 15 years, but wanted to learn more about my body and where I have challenges.   The session helped me realize where I need to strengthen so that I can build up to the postures that challenge my body.  Also, my body has shifted a lot from the demands of my job as a massage therapist.  My session with Arden has helped me be more gentle on my self in yoga class, given me skills to practice on my own, and improved my awareness in my massage practice.  I love working with Arden because she teaches me simple skills to bring in to my daily life.
~ Charity Ritscher, co-director of Indigo Massage & Healing Center

I am so grateful to Arden for the work she did with me in one-on-one Structural Yoga Therapy sessions. By listening with extraordinary kindness and responding with insight, empathy, and a deep and thorough knowledge of how the body moves and works, she assisted me in reawakening my own compassion for my body and spirit despite the pain I was experiencing. Arden’s intuitive and informed sense of what a person needs — physically, emotionally and spiritually – and her lack of judgment about my physical limitations, evoked in me the tenderness I needed to work through my “stuck” place around self-care.  ~Alisa Klein

I was a knee replacement candidate; fortunately, the personal program Arden created for me helped so much! The pain is gone and this is the best my knees have been in years. Climbing stairs is no longer a debilitating chore. Carrying equipment no longer a problem. Retiring early is no longer a daily topic.   ~John Deiling

pregnancy yoga therapy testimonials

Thank you so much for all the ideas and techniques that you taught during class. It was so useful for me to get more in touch with my body and to know I had techniques I could rely on to help get me through labor. The labor would have been so much harder without your class! ~ Karena McKinney

I really enjoyed the classes you taught. I felt that you offered more care then any doctor or midwife that I met with throughout my pregnancy. Thank you again!  ~Dawn Kennedy

Arden is knowledgeable, helpful, attentive, patient and encouraging. I feel so fortunate to have her expertise and guidance with my first pregnancy. ~Stephanie Pouliot

Arden’s yoga class has been an essential part of my pregnancy. I have completely relied on it each week as a time for me to relax, feel centered, and focus on what I need for my pregnancy and birth. I have had a relatively easy pregnancy and I know yoga has contributed greatly to that. I have learned more from this class than any other source!  (and after birthing….) Anna was born on Dec 3rd at 5:45am. It was a long labor that got very difficult at the end and I promise you I would not have made it as far as I did without what you taught me.  When we got to the hospital, I was 8cm dilated and fully effaced. This is when a lot of the movement on my hands and knees and what we did with our spine in class was really helpful— I remember the midwife saying to our doula, “look at her, she knows just what to do” and I was able to muster a one word explanation back to her….”yoga”.  ~Alexa Mignano

Thank you for all the great physical and emotional tools you’ve shared with us.  I really do feel like I’m living in a different body (not just because of the pregnancy) than I was before I started your classes! ~Elizabeth Pyle

sponsor testimonials

We were fortunate that Arden accepted our offer to teach at our writing and yoga retreats in Massachusetts and in Guatemala. She was the perfect fit for our group. Arden has a vast amount of experience and knowledge and yet she can make people who are pure beginners feel safe and accomplished in yoga. She taught large classes and worked one-on-one with people who needed adaptations. She enhanced the retreat for all of us.
Charles MacInerney ~Yoga & Writing Retreats
Patricia Lee Lewis ~Patchwork Farm Retreats

In 1999, Arden Pierce and I started a wonderful working relationship.  I hired her as an independent contractor to teach prenatal yoga classes as part of the Parent Education Program at Cooley Dickinson Hospital. In a few years she was also teaching postnatal yoga classes and eventually I hired her as an employee.

Arden created her classes to meet the physical and emotional needs of women in the childbearing year and adapted them along with new research in yoga practices, pregnancy, birth and postpartum; e.g. integrating yoga therapeutics into her classes.

Arden’s yoga classes have met and continue to meet our departments credo of inclusivity regardless of age, income or education; to provide classes that integrate mind, body and spirit, that contain evidence-based curriculum and that contribute to informed, healthy parenting.  In addition to her excellent curriculum, the evaluation by class participants give tribute to the way that her teaching has assisted them in the birth process and in postpartum healing.

Arden is one of the most honest, respectful, loyal, and trustworthy people I have ever met. I whole-heartedly recommend Arden Pierce as a yoga instructor, independent contractor, or employee.

Maria T. Curtin-McKenna, ICCE, CIMI
Parent Education Coordinator, Cooley Dickinson Hospital

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