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DETOX – RENEW: cleansing yoga therapy course

MAY 30th – JUNE 27th, WEDNESDAYS 5:45– 7:30PM

$81 – $98 sliding scale    All Levels welcome.
Bring lightness into your being. Spring is the time for internal cleansing to remove stagnation and toxins in body-mind. Are you bogged down with the details of life? Having difficulty with planning or seeing the big picture?  Detoxing your mind-body system with a gentle yoga (twists, hips openers and exercises to flush and tone the liver.) and self-shiatsu practice can free your stuck thoughts and feelings so you can flow through your life.  We will practice contemplations to work with emotions as well.  
 It’s an all-level approach and you will learn simple yet profound ways to to clear your mind/body.

Our environment and what we consume build up toxins in our body. A yearly cleanse is wise. Dietary shifts are optional and easier with the support of the group. You will learn the fascinating functions of the Liver and Gall Bladder and discuss the latest research on processed food.


YOGA & BETTER BREATHING COURSE for life, health & spirit. MAY 31st – JUNE  28th, Thursdays 9:30 11:15AM

$81 – $98 sliding scale offered.
Breathing is the most important activity we do!  It affects our posture, mood, energy and is so vital, we can’t live but a few minutes without it. We take it for granted, and when done poorly it can be a source of dis-ease. Poor breathing habits are linked to high blood pressure, muscle tension, headaches, cold hand/feet, digestive problems, anxiety, chest pain, IBS, fatigue, sleeplessness, nightmares and depression.
You will learn the art and science behind better breathing (pranayama) through yoga postures, breathing techniques and shared theory and research. Connect more intimately to your life breath – Prana!
This course is at once therapeutic as well as consciousness expanding. Our breath, a soft and yielding aspect of ourselves can be used like water, to dissolve the hard and inflexible within us. Prana is the life force within us and there are five sub-pranas that have different functions. Through visualization, breathing, yoga poses we will augment the flow and increase vitality and grounding awareness

Adya Prana: reception/propulsion                  -INHALATION

Samana Prana: assimilation/discernation      -PAUSE after INHALE

Udana Prana: growth through expression    -EXHALATION

Apana Prana: elimination/grounding             -LAST PART OF EXHALE

Vyana Prana: circulation/expansion                -PAUSE after EXHALE


This wonderful class deepened my awareness of my breath and has allowed me to breathe more fully.  The breathing practices felt so subtle yet they created powerful changes to my physical body, including restoring hormonal imbalances. I highly recommend this class!  ~ Hayley


Unifier Festival is June 22-24 this year in Tolland Ma. I’ll be there teaching, dancing and soaking up the good vibes and the beautiful lake. This is an awesome gathering of good people, amazing artists, healing and great music. If you are interested in going let me know.

YOGA for the KALIYUGA – offering at Unifier Festival

Discernment, presence and insight.

Yoga practices to develop your inner fire (manipura chakra), directed by an infinite view (ajna chakra) to empower your life journey in dark times. Bring enthusiasm to defeat inner demons; power to your activism; determination to end depression; a torch to your sovereignty; positivity to your hard work. We will evoke Kali Devi, historical revolutionaries and modern day heros who align with Spirit, and aspects of Nature.

Practice yogic tantric principles behind destroying “negativity”, let go of mental habits that are superfluous, unearth from your body and imagination your potent insightful self!

All level, ages, abilities welcome



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