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YOGA & BETTER BREATHING COURSE  -for life, health and spirit.

NOV 1st – DEC 13th, Wednesdays 6  – 7:45pm (no class 11/22) $97 – $117 sliding scale offered. ,

Breathing is the most important activity we do!  It affects our posture, mood, energy and is so vital, we can’t live but a few minutes without it. We take it for granted, and when done poorly it can be a source of dis-ease. Poor breathing habits are linked to high blood pressure, muscle tension, headaches, cold hand/feet, digestive problems, anxiety, chest pain, IBS, fatigue, sleeplessness, nightmares and depression.

You will learn the art and science behind better breathing (pranayama) through yoga postures, breathing techniques and shared theory and research. Connect more intimately to your life breath – Prana! You will advance in your practice of learning to cultivate prana – the subtle energy within you. This course is at once therapeutic as well as consciousness expanding. Our breath, a soft and yielding aspect of ourselves can be used like water, to dissolve the hard and inflexible within us



OCT 26th – DEC 14th, Thursdays 9:15 – 11:15am  $108 - $135 sliding scale offered.

This course can be taken to

~ reconnect you to this self care practice

~ get pain relief and postural support

~ relieve anxiety and depression

~ feel embodied and ready for activities

~ balance hormones

~ deepen meditation

We will revisit psoas releasing and it’s multi-dimensional benefits for your body, autonomic nervous system, breathing, mind and life force. We will explore more completely the fascial meridian associated with the psoas through release, stretch and massage with foam roller . We will practice therapeutic tremoring (or it’s more calm alternative) when appropriate.  Therapeutic tremoring will be explained more with the lens of yogic theory. Prerequisite: attendance of Introductory course or prior permission from Arden




MAY 11th – 13th 2018
Earlybird Rate $200 with nonrefundable deposit of $70 paid before March 15th. $230 is regular rate after March 15th.

Join me this Spring in the experiences of Yoga at the magical Temenos Retreat Center.  Temenos offers access to nature and beauty that supports the pathway of going within.  The forest, pond, trails speckled with fall leaves, labryrith and views are just amazing.  This gem is right in our backyard, just a one hour drive from Northampton.
The name Temenos is taken from a Greek word meaning the sacred space surrounding a temple or an altar. Carl Jung used this same word to refer to the inner space deep within us where soul-making takes place. Here, we remember the sacredness of our natural world, rekindling our connections to the earth, water, and all the creatures and growing things inhabiting this temenos. In returning to the natural cycles of the earth, we learn to live in balance with nature.
Fee includes teaching & accommodations!
Food expenses will be shared averaging about $15 per day.
Email for details, questions or to pre-register.

Check out article in Huffington Post. I teach Yoga workshops!
Tolland, MA,  Bring your kids.  Bring your grandparents.  Bring your swim trunks. And be willing to dance, listen, breathe deep, risk beauty, and renew.


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