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SEPT 12th – OCT 24th  WEDNESDAYS 5:45 – 7:30pm

$126 – $147 sliding scale, payment plan, barter available

Does your neuro-narrative keep you stuck? Your inner narrative alters your neurologic patterns and has a profound effect on outlook, emotions and body. This course helps to re-pattern thoughts through deepened awareness in gentle yoga embodiment, free writing and more. Together we create a personal, integrated, mind/body affirmation in every class.

May peace, sovereignty and clarity be yours!

Unless you have perfect mental immunity, most people cycle through uncertainty, fear and doubt. And if that’s not bad enough, other people projections (often well intentioned) can fuel insecurity and self loathing, keeping you stuck in negative thoughts like a broken record.   This course helps you become aware of your internal narrative and inquire why it is there (kept confidential to you). We then unearth from our body sensations, memories, constructive imagination and writing the deepest embodied truth, love and faith in ourselves.


SEPT 13th – OCT 25th, THURSDAYS 9:15 – 11:15am

$126 – $157 sliding scale, payment plan, barter available

A gentle exploration to free the psoas while creating stability in the pelvis.  The psoas is central in our being for core movement and balance, hence our creativity, such as dance, speech/song, and our awakening, are profound aspects of its function. Because the fight/fright/freeze mechanism (autonomic nervous system) is set in the psoas, the practices also can release and integrate imbedded impressions of stress and trauma. Ideal for women in pre-conception phase or menopause, and for men and women with back and pelvis aches, stress and anxiety.  This is a gentle and safe release-work approach to take you to your next step on your path in mind, body and spirit.



May 24th – 27th,  Fri – Mon – Memorial day Weekend 2019

Earlybird $285, $75 non-refundable deposit paid by March 10th holds your rate.

Total fee is $305, non-refundable deposit $75 holds your spot.

Fee includes teaching & accommodations!

Food expenses will be shared averaging about $15 per day.

Balance Due: May 3rd. Payment plans available.

Join me this Spring 2019 in the experiences of Yoga at the magical Temenos Retreat Center.  Temenos offers access to nature and beauty that supports the pathway of going within.  The forest, pond, trails carpeted with pine needles, labyrinth and views are just amazing.  By examining inner and outer nature deeply we restore ourselves and open doorways to insight and discovery. This gem is right in our backyard, just a one hour drive from Northampton.

The name Temenos is taken from a Greek word meaning the sacred space surrounding a temple or an altar. Carl Jung used this same word to refer to the inner space deep within us where soul-making takes place. Here, we remember the sacredness of our natural world, rekindling our connections to the earth, water, and all the creatures and growing things inhabiting this temenos. In returning to the natural cycles of the earth, we learn to live in balance with nature.



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