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JULY 16th – AUGUST 20th
Thursdays 9:30- 11am
6 wks for $90 -$108 sliding scale
All Levels welcome.
A gentle program to cleanse stagnation and toxins. Are you bogged down with the details of life? Having difficulty with planning or seeing the big picture?  Detoxing your mind-body system with a gentle yoga and self-shiatsu practice can free your stuck thoughts and feelings so you can flow through your life.  We will practice gentle twists, hips openers and exercises to flush and tone the liver.  You will learn how to work with your emotions constructively and let go of negativity.
Detox/Renew Yoga sounds intense, but it’s not. It’s an all-level approach and you will learn simple yet profound ways to to clear your mind/body.
The contrast between the beginning of Detox/Renew course and now is amazing. It feels like a haze has been lifted, and I have much more inner equilibrium. ~  Loran DS.

JULY 15th – AUGUST 19th
Wednesdays 5:30 – 7:15pm
6 wks for $108 sliding scale
You must have completed an introductory level course to attend. This course can be taken to reconnect you to this healing practice, deepen your practice, and help you maintain the benefits. We will revisit psoas releasing and it’s multi-dimensional benefits for your body, nervous system, breathing, mind and life force. We will explore more completely the fascial meridian associated with the psoas through release, stretch and massage with foam roller . We will practice therapeutic tremoring (or it’s more calm alternative) when appropriate.  Therapeutic tremoring will be explained more with the lens of yogic theory.
Releasing my psoas has been, literally, about letting go, physically, emotionally, mentally and energetically.  I do not list these aspects of our nature in a casual or superficial way.  The releases are real and have effected how I move, how I feel about myself and how I relate to others. I have a sense of more freedom which allows me to better care for myself and about others. Priorities have shifted and there is greater ease and trust in how my life unfolds.  ~Susan Maycock June 2015

OCTOBER  2nd – 4th
(or OCTOBER 1st – 4th)
MAY 20th – 22nd 2016
(or MAY 19th – 22nd)
2 night option:
Fri – Sun: $180 with early-bird non-refundable deposit of $70 Please send by July 20th. Regular rate is $210.
3 night option: (20% off)
Thurs – Sun, $225 with early-bird deposit of $70 Please send by July 20th.
Regular rate $255.
Retreats aren’t an escape from your life, they are meant to deepen the connection to your life. Join me this Fall in the experiences of Yoga at the magical Temenos Retreat Center.  Temenos offers access to nature and beauty that supports the pathway of going within.  The forest, pond, trails speckled with fall leaves, labryrith and views are just amazing.  This gem is right in our backyard, just a one hour drive from Northampton.
The name Temenos is taken from a Greek word meaning the sacred space surrounding a temple or an altar. Carl Jung used this same word to refer to the inner space deep within us where soul-making takes place. Here, we remember the sacredness of our natural world, rekindling our connections to the earth, water, and all the creatures and growing things inhabiting this temenos. In returning to the natural cycles of the earth, we learn to live in balance with nature.
Fee includes teaching & accommodations!
Food expenses will be shared averaging about $15 per day.
Email for details, questions or to pre-register.

UNIFIER FESTIVAL June 9th-12th, 2016
Check out article in Huffington Post.
Tolland, MA,  Bring your kids.  Bring your grandparents.  Bring your swim trunks. And be willing to dance, listen, breathe deep, risk beauty, and renew.


No experience necessary ~ all abilities welcome
MONDAYS 5:30 – 7pm -the courses are ongoing and you are welcome to join a course already in progress
6 weeks for $90 – sliding scale
Courses can be prorated around due date and holidays.

Held at the Center for Midwifery at Cooley Dickinson Hospital
Transform yourself though this amazing life event, feel better and feel empowered through the changes.
I had an absolutely AMAZING birthing experience and your classes helped tremendously! I had told you that during the birth of my first son, it was like I forgot what to do during my contractions, they just knocked me off my feet and I didn’t know how to handle them. Not this time! What really helped me was the wave breath, as well as sounding. Those two things really helped me to conquer those contractions! They didn’t even seem as intense as last time. And then when it came time for pushing I used the visualization you gave us  and all it took was 3 pushes to bring my baby out. I can’t imagine a better birth!  It was completely incredible.  Thank you for these tools!  They truly made a difference.  If we decide on having a 3rd in the future, I will definitely come to yoga again!
~ Magdalena Pasiut

Parent & Baby Yoga Courses are temporarily suspended.

PRECONCEPTION YOGA aka Yoga Therapy for Psoas:
on-going, email for times
Held at Sun Studio in Florence

For those of you who can’t make prenatal yoga with me, I highly recommend
Corinne Andrews at The Yoga Center in Amherst:
Wednesdays 5:30 – 7pm, on-going

As well as her Online Holistic Pregnancy Program
If you purchase this program, please let Corinne know I referred you!


Pregnancy Yoga Therapy & Labor Readiness
For many women, the birthing time is one of the most transformational periods of their lives.  Come tune in to the innate wisdom of your body and soul, and connect with other expectant mamas.   Using a yoga therapy approach you will reduce physical discomforts associated with pregnancy, build strength and flexibility, learn breathing techniques to relax the mind and tools helpful for labor and birth.
You are welcome to join the class in any stage of pregnancy and with any fitness level. Partners are welcome at half price.  If you have a history of miscarriage, or have had trouble conceiving, please consult with your caregiver and Arden to determine the best time to join.

Parent & Baby Yoga
The first few months of your baby’s life is a precious time.  This class offers an opportunity for either parent and baby to explore the many dimensions of this time in order to bond, nourish and connect with other parents. All practices promote postpartum healing and wellness in an atmosphere that encourages sharing challenges and joyful discoveries.
Often, babies are gently and safely incorporated into the class through partner poses and practices that comfort and support their optimal development. Nursing, walking, bouncing, changing diapers and soothing fussy babies are perfectly normal in this space.
Please bring a yoga mat, baby blanket, toys, baby-wearing wrap or whatever else that you feel is necessary.


Yoga for Well-Being
P.O. Box 396
Northampton, Ma 01061.

Send a $15 non-refundable deposit or full payment to hold your place. Balance, less the deposit, must be paid by the start of the program by mail or in person at the studio. Receipt of payment will be confirmed.

ON THE CHECK please write your contact information (phone and email) and which program you are signing up for.

Please do this soon; the programs have a MINIMUM and MAXIMUM capacity.

FINANCING: YFWB is committed to remaining affordable to as many as possible. Almost all programs offer sliding scale, payment plans and occasional barters. Please inquire.

REFUNDS: Before course begins, balance is 100% refundable. If you drop out after the course begins, 50% can be transferred or refunded. Deposit and missed classes are non-refundable.

MISSED CLASS: Make-ups can be only be done before the end of the program at another class time when available.


  • Wear comfortable clothes.
  • Equipment is provided, but bringing your own mat is encouraged for cleanliness.
  • Due to overuse of chemicals in our environment and beauty products, many people have sensitivity and some have severe reactions. Please refrain from wearing scented products; especially consider scented lotions & oils, colognes, perfumes and clothes dried with dryer sheets.
  • Refrain from eating a meal two hours before class, a light snack is okay an hour before
  • Bring valuables into the studio and turn off phones.
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