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yoga therapy – private instruction

The ancient art of Yoga and Ayurveda offers the understanding and practices needed to make changes for a healthier and happier lifestyle. Through private instruction, the relationship between a Yoga therapist and client can provide a profound level of support, guidance, and encouragement to make those changes. Experience in Yoga is not necessary.

As a certified Structural Yoga TherapistTM, Arden adapts Yoga to the client’s unique and stated needs, values and goals, and helps to bring out his/her personal best.

Are you looking to:

  • Be pain-free in a relaxed conditioned body?
  • Extend therapy after physical therapy?
  • Reduce chronic stress?
  • Understand mind/body connection?
  • Deepen your connection to your life?

Depending on the client’s needs, a single session or on-going sessions can be booked. A realistic time frame for effective results is three sessions.

yoga therapy: with compassion and skill Arden will:

  • Evaluate range of motion & muscle strength
  • Guide the client to experience the practice correctly
  • Collaborate and teach a personalized program
  • Help the client to integrate practice into life (handouts included)
  • Reassess and adjust the program to address changes

In addition to using Yoga poses to strengthen and realign the body, Arden accounts for the client’s mental tendency, stress level and interest in personal growth. She can incorporate techniques such as:

  • Breathing/Pranayama
  • Visualization/Meditation
  • Affirmation practice
  • Relaxation methods
  • Subtle energy/Chakra practices
  • Lifestyle adjustments and Yoga practices based on Ayurvedic principles
Postural Imbalance
Joint pain
Neck & Back pain
Breath holding
Mild hyperventilation
Low energy
Negative habit patterns of the mind
Sacral imbalance
Common issues of pregnancy
Adverse affects of cancer therapies

The first session generally lasts from one and half to two hours for $100 – $120, sliding scale. This session typically includes intake, assessment and beginning of teaching the personal practices. Subsequent sessions can be shorter; one hour is $65 – $85 sliding scale.

Call / email for free consultation.

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