a yoga therapy approach……

discover your wellness

We are spiritual beings having a human experience, but in the challenges of our daily lives, we can lose our inspiration and forget the possibilities for well-being.  Yoga for Well-Being honors the journey to wholeness and the belief that each person has a unique path to integrating mind, body and spirit.

addressing whole person is best

While stretch of the hamstrings feels sooo good, Yoga is that and more. It is a wellness practice for the whole being. This includes the body, breath, subtle energy, mind/emotions, intellect and spirit.   Yoga understands, and modern research has shown, that when the whole person is addressed, a more effective and long-lasting change takes place. People simply live better when they tap into positive energy at all levels.

feel happier & healthier

Yoga for Well-Being practices develop qualities such as clarity, acceptance, humility and intuition that create a spaciousness and ability to make the changes we desire. This can help us have better relationships with food, our bodies, friends, family, work place and environment.  When our perception shifts, we feel happier, healthier and behave with greater understanding and wisdom.

Deepen your connection to yourself!  Uplift and empower your life!

your goals are achieved with regular practice

In order to see results, the ideal range is between one to seven Yoga practices per week.  Being honest in what is realistic and do-able for you is crucial. For example for one student, a twenty minute personal practice four times a week is practical, for another, showing up for an hour and a half group class once a week works.

arden offers personal instruction

Behavioral scientists have shown that one-on-one learning is among one of the most effective approaches to helping people make and sustain improvements in their lives.  Individual sessions are particularly powerful when a client has decided to fully commit to making significant changes in one or more areas of his/her life. A combination of one on one along with group classes is very effective.

a yoga therapy approach…..

class content

The content of a Yoga class varies depending on the topic of the program. The program may include Yogic breathing, mind/body poses, laughter/sounding/chanting, intention, discernment practices, meditation and more.

physical aspect

The physical aspect is therapeutically minded with a breath-centered approach. The poses may be dynamic (tai-chi-like) or static while gently toning and stretching.  Healthy movement of the spine and joints is taught thoroughly with emphasis on adapting to the individual. Classes are designed for all levels, ages and abilities because everyone learns how to practice within the rules of movement and work at their own pace. With Arden’s years of experience and therapeutic perspective

you will learn to:

  • Transform your own practice
  • Uncover exactly what needs to improve in your pose alignment
  • Reduce the risk of injury
  • Accommodate existing injuries – and still practice safely
  • Effectively vary a pose to suit your body type
  • Learn which parts of a pose to focus on … and why

quality of mind

The quality of breathing, movement and sensations greatly influences the quality of the mind. The classes address the mind and stress-reduction in different ways, depending on the topic.

For more details on group programs and individual sessions go to Experiences and Personal Instruction pages.

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