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These are descriptions of Arden’s past and current offerings, please go to schedule page for dates and what is coming up on the calendar.

All programs are offered throughout the year at Sun Studio in Florence, Ma.

Arden is available to teach these programs or customize to suit your group’s need at your studio, organization, school or retreat, regionally nationally or internationally.


{accordion=• Yoga Therapy Clinic}
Based on Structural Yoga Therapy, we will practice easy movements and classical postures therapeutically applied, yogic breathing and relaxation. This course may also be taken as a personal growth program to create deeper connection in your life. All practices will be adapted to each student and BE gentle enough to allow for maximum awareness and healing.

  • Relieves postural imbalances & joint pain
  • Reduces stress
  • Helps with recovery after injury
  • Strengthens immune system
  • Restores well-being & centeredness
  • Enhances awareness of subtle body {/accordion}

{accordion=• Gentle Yoga Basics}
Whether you are a novice, out of practice, or you enjoy an easier class this course may be the answer to feeling revitalized and freer in you body. This course is an introduction to the basic understanding and practice of Classical Yoga. Thorough and safe instruction is given to every aspect including the fundamental postures (asana), breathing (pranayama), life force (prana), positive thinking, philosophy, relaxation, stress reduction and personalizing your practice. All under the guidance of a yoga therapist.{/accordion}

{accordion=• Wholistic Yoga}
Experience is required.
This course will cover the Eight Fold Yoga practices, from physical to subtle, to clear the body-mind and access the deepest aspects of ourselves (panchamaya system). This course is deeply healing and restorative.
Each class includes, but is not limited to:

  • Opening prayers and gratitude practice to open the heart.
  • Short Talk on an aspect of the 8-Fold Path to Yoga
  • Yoga Pose and therapeutics Pranayama – Breathing Practice
  • Pratyahara – a practice to gain mastery over external influences
  • Contemplation Practice
  • Meditation


{accordion=• Yoga For Upliftment}
We will incorporate sounding, song and mantra into the physical practice to release blockages, lift our spirits and for alignment. This will develop two important pranas (subtle energies) in our being: Apana Prana (energy-freeing, de-toxing and grounding) and Udana. Udana Prana is the main positive energy unfoldment in life through which we can develop our different bodies and evolve in consciousness. It governs growth, transformation, voice, will, creativity and enthusiasm. It leads awareness to the subtle plane, helping you to attune to your inner guidance. Sounding is NOT about performance, it’s about vibration and learning how to move the subtle energy within you.{/accordion}

{accordion=• Better Breathing Yoga}
Breathing is the most important activity we do. It affects our posture, mood, energy and is so vital, we can’t live but a few minutes without it. We take it for granted, and when done poorly, it can be a source of disease.Poor breathing habits are linked to high blood pressure, muscle tension, headaches, cold hand/feet, digestive problems, anxiety, chest pain, IBS, fatigue, insomnia, nightmares and depression. This is a unique course that delves not only into the chemistry of breathing, but also the subtle energy – prana – effects. You will learn the art and science behind better breathing (pranayama) through yoga postures, breathing techniques and shared theory and research. Connect more intimately to your life breath – Prana!

  • Adya Prana: reception/propulsion -INHALATION
  • Samana Prana: assimilation/discernation -PAUSE after INHALE
  • Udana Prana: growth /upliftment -EXHALATION
  • Apana Prana: elimination/grounding -LAST PART OF EXHALE
  • Vyana Prana: circulation/expansion -PAUSE after EXHALE


{accordion=• Yoga And The Power Of Intention}
Your way of thinking has a profound affect on your life. Learning to use intention and affirmation can springboard you out of negativity, stagnation and give you back mental authority, creativity and skill to manifest the life you want. We will use Yoga, free writing, and embodiment practices to refine our intention and empower our positivity.

{accordion=• Chakra Yoga}
This is a personal growth course bridging the physical, subtle energetic and mental planes of experience to create more vitality and connection in your life. Chakras are psycho-spiritual energy centers located along the spine. Each class will address one chakra through Yoga poses, breathing, sounding and guided meditation.

{accordion=• Detox – Renew Yoga}
Shed the winter heaviness and bounce back into spring! Spring is the time for internal cleansing to remove stagnation, frustration and toxins in body-mind. We will practice gentle twists, hips openers and exercises to flush and tone the liver. You will learn the self-massage points on the gall bladder and liver meridians.
You will learn how to work with your emotions constructively and let go of negativity.

{accordion=• Psoas Yoga Therapy}
Explore this core pelvic muscle, understand it’s connection to body, mind and nervous system, and learn practices to bring vitality back. Pronounced “so-az”, this muscle can be of primary concern if you have back, neck, or hip pain, knee pain, stress, anxiety,pelvic imbalance, sacra-iliac dysfunction, scoliosis or poor posture. Ideal for women in pre-conception phase or menopause. We need this muscle for standing, moving, good posture, singing and performance. This program can help release the psoas from embedded impressions from fight/flight/freeze stress. CEUs may be available.

{accordion=• In-Depth Yoga Theory & Practice}
This course is a deeper study of the Yoga practice. It includes learning how your life force (prana) can be cultivated through the Yoga practices, what the five bodies of the human system are and how the eight fold path of Yoga assists in your development/evolution. This class will help the student inquire into their nature and habits. Handouts will be included and there will be required reading. Note-taking is encouraged.

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