Yoga & Art: Healing for Regular People

Yoga & Art:  Healing for Regular People

Simply to be alive and embodied is one of the greatest creative acts. The combination of yoga and art celebrate this and gently guides anyone needing renewal, recovering from life circumstances, or needing guidance in taking the next step in life. This guidance helps people discover and awaken to a deeper meaning, and brings that joy and truth into the world.

Everyone is on a life journey to learn, heal and grow. In order to do this consciously, it is necessary to be able to look inside and reflect upon your life and experiences to understand truth.  Our personal truth is made potent through art and creative acts. Clarifying through yoga practice, (poses, breathing, visualization and deep relaxation) creative expression can provide resiliency to the mind and a positive outlet for emotions, and also serve as an affirmation to one’s life and goals.

Once or twice a year I co-facilitate with Joanne Lucia, award winning art teacher, our Vision Journey with Art & Yoga Workshop (for regular people). Yoga practice is gentle, no experience it art necessary. Next: April 5 & 6th 2013 See schedule of yoga program listing

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