This week in Parent and Baby Yoga

This week in Parent and Baby Yoga

This class is a relaxing way to meet  your postnatal yoga needs!

We begin class by arranging our yoga mats in a circle with all the parents and babies facing in towards each other.  At the start of class, some babies are sleeping, some are nursing, some are happily playing or looking inquisitively across the circle at other babies.   Every class begins with a check in.  This is a way for parents to report on their needs for this particular yoga class.  Our teacher, Arden Sundari Pierce, listens to all of our requests, making helpful  suggestions for self-care or jotting down notes for how to structure the class to meet our needs.  Requests from parents range from ways to manage stress and fatigue, to ways to relieve back and shoulder aches or strengthen core muscles.

This week, we began class by laying on our backs with our heads in the center of the circle.  Arden lead all the parents in a breathing exercise.  The wave breath begins with a deep inhalation that slowly expands  as it moves all the way up the spine, followed by a slow exhalation.  A wavelike rhythm forms as we breath deeply into the diaphragm, follow the breath up into the lungs and back out again.  On a really expansive breath, I can sometimes follow my breath all the way to the top of my head. Focusing attention on the breath in this way, helps to bring awareness to these parts of the body, gently expanding and relaxing these areas. This was an excellent way for me to ground myself in the present moment, let go of any concerns (other than caring for my baby’s needs) and prepare myself to get the most out of this yoga class.

Arden guided the class members to see if we could pause for a moment at the end of our exhalation. She said that this could be thought of as a “little vacation” in the breath cycle, and she asked us to explore for ourselves what this felt like.  For me, it felt like a little break in the activity of breathing – yes, like a little vacation in the continuous cycle of breathing. The wave breath can also become a simple form of meditation that I can use at any point in my scattered day.  After this breathing exercise, I felt relax and refreshed.  This simple activity addressed the needs of the group to both relieve stress and revitalize energy. This is one of the many wonderful exercises from our Postnatal Yoga class!   Next week’s focus: exercises to strengthen the core muscles.

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Class at Center for Midwifery

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Class at Center for Midwifery




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