Parent and Baby Yoga

Parent & Baby Yoga Class

I am a new mom of a two month old boy and a student of Arden Sundari Pierce.  Arden is the gifted teacher of a wonderful Parent and Baby Yoga class – the perfect postnatal yoga experience. This class has enabled me to carve out some time in my week to move and to connect with my new baby.  I love all the simple poses and often do them at home with my son. This week, our class focused on breathing techniques for relaxation, core strengthening and relieving tension in the often tired neck and shoulder area. By the end of class, I am sure to feel more open and grounded, and my baby is sure to be happy and relaxed too!

The class description:
The first few months of your baby’s life is a precious time.  This class offers an opportunity for either parent and baby to explore the many dimensions of this time in order to bond, nourish and connect with other parents. All practices promote postpartum healing and wellness in an atmosphere that encourages sharing challenges and joyful discoveries.  No yoga experience necessary – all abilities welcome.
Often, babies are gently and safely incorporated into the class through partner poses and practices that comfort and support their optimal development. Nursing, walking, bouncing, changing diapers and soothing fussy babies are perfectly normal in this space.

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  • Lisa.Randall says:

    Yoga classes are very helpful while pregnancy and after pregnancy. It helps not only to mother also is a blessing to a new born baby. Prenatal yoga strengthens the muscles that support the weight, taking pressure off the lower back. Many women experience irritation of the sciatic nerve during pregnancy, and yoga can also be great for this. By facilitating deep breathing and building strength and stamina, a yoga practice prepares a pregnant woman for labor.

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