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Psoas Awareness for Back Pain & Stress Reduction & Better Births

Psoas Awareness for Back Pain & Stress Reduction & Better Births.


Those who are in my classes and take private yoga therapy with me know that the condition of the psoas (pronounced so-as) muscle is of primary concern if the student has back and/or neck pain, knee pain, stress, anxiety, pelvic imbalance, sacro-iliac dysfunction, scoliosis or poor posture. Women in my prenatal yoga & labor readiness class create more space in their womb for their little one to grow and have easier births with attention to releasing the psoas as well.

The psoas muscle, clearly a core muscle, runs down from the lateral and front surfaces of the lumbar spine and pelvic bowl and insert into the inside of the upper thigh bone on right and left sides. Besides needing this muscle for standing, walking, and good posture, it is core to our flight or fight reactions. The psoas is keenly in touch with our emotions and stress. It’s mass is so large running through the inside of the pelvis, it rivals the size of the gluteus maximus. I jokingly call the psoas the “inner ass!” All this, and yet we can not see the beautiful workings of this muscle like we do our quadriceps or biceps.

Besides working with me to explore this muscle to improve your well-being, I will be hosting an introductory workshop called Neurogenic Yoga which is a unique approach to improving psoas function for mind and body health on Sunday May 19th, 2013. Check it out!