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  • Ann Marie says:

    Reflection after Arden’s first Chakra class of March 28th

    In this class we focused on Ajna Chakra located in the 3rd eye region. The image of pineal gland “crystals” (associated with Ajna Chakra) being programmed by chanting Aum, was reinforced by the Divine Light Invocation and other yoga practices Arden led. This meditation was deeply relaxing and raised my joy quotient!
    Mindfulness, noticing what my everyday experiences bring to contemplation, coupled with the command function of Ajna Chakra to focus on SAT – CHIT – ANANDA (absolute non-dual experience of Truth-Knowledge-Bliss) both practices encourage me to summon light from my experiences and sense the connectedness of All, my connectedness to All.

    Namaste to Arden and my classmates

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